International University Accreditation

ASIC Accreditation for the university education sector is a voluntary, non-governmental process that gives recognition to institutions that meet established quality standards. The purpose of accreditation is to assure the public, students, parents and other stakeholders as to the quality of an institution and its commitment to high standards through a system of continuous improvement.

It is probable that your university is already accredited within your own country, however ASIC accreditation confirms your commitment to internationalisation and, in particular, your commitment to supplying exemplary services to international students.

Our accreditation process consists of a set of key performance indicators split into 8 main areas, namely;

A – Premises, and Health and Safety
B – Governance, Management and Staff Resources
C – Learning, Teaching and Research Activity
D – Quality Assurance and Enhancement
E – Student Welfare
F – Awards and Qualifications
G – Marketing and Recruitment of Students
H – Systems Management and Compliance with Immigration Regulations

Accreditation by ASIC will boost the profile of your university and confirm that it meets high standards of education, welfare and good practice. Our international accreditation will reassure students, parents and agents that your university is a good choice, and that you will provide them with professional teaching, valuable qualifications and a positive learning experience.

All of the documentation needed to apply for ASIC accreditation can be found via the following links. Here you can download the ASIC Accreditation Handbook, the ASIC Standards for Accreditation and the ASIC Application Form. Save the file to your computer where you will be able to fill in the application form electronically.

Once you have electronically completed the application form, please print a copy and send it to our postal address along with the appropriate fee and documentation. The accreditation process can then begin.

ASIC International Handbook

ASIC Standards for Accreditation – International Universities

ASIC Application Form – International Universities