ASIC Membership

ASIC Membership Logo SmallASIC Membership can be the first step in the journey to full accreditation (Membership, Candidacy, Interim and then Full accreditation). It can also benefit those institutions who would like to be associated with ASIC without going through the full accreditation process.

Benefits of ASIC Membership include:

  • ASIC Membership Certificate (membership is for a period of one year and needs to be renewed annually)
  • ASIC Member Logo (Institutions will be able to use the ASIC Member Logo on their website and promotional material, for as long as they are members)
  • Institutional listing on the ASIC international website, as an ASIC Member
  • Assistance in the development of international partnerships and international student recruitment
  • Access to QISAN membership and QISAN newsletters
  • Access to the ASIC helpdesks
  • Access to the ASIC newsletters
  • ASIC member institutions who then move forward with ASIC accreditation will have the current years membership fee (£1,250) reduced from their accreditation fee
  • On application for ASIC accreditation, ASIC are able to send the institution over 60 policies and procedures to either adopt and/or adapt
  • Invite to annual conference (as and when organised)

Institutions wishing to avail themselves of ASIC membership need to complete a membership application form, which can be found on the Form Downloads Page and return this to

Membership forms will then be assessed and the institution will be contacted regarding the outcome of their ASIC membership application.