International Students

Choosing to study abroad is a major decision which means students need as much information and help as possible to ensure that they will have a positive and useful learning experience while they are away. One of the main issues concerning students, their parents, and visa officers is the quality of the resources and teaching they will receive.

There are plenty of universities, schools and colleges who initially seem like a good option, but often they misrepresent their facilities and resources in their marking materials. This causes confusion and worry, leaving students unsure about who to trust. An ASIC accreditation ensures that the institution is of a high quality giving students that vital peace of mind.

We only award accreditation to institutions which show a high standard of care towards students, deliver relevant and suitable courses, and show a professional, ethical approach to their recruitment process.

If you are a student considering a college or university overseas, there are certain things you will require. You need to have access to honest and factual information about the available courses and institutions, be able to speak to trained counsellors, and be certain that your counsellor will provide informed and useful advice about which institutions are right for your individual needs and wishes.

An ASIC accredited institution will be able to provide the support you need while studying in a different country, as well as providing you with a useful and valuable programme of study and implementing a strict code of discipline when it comes to study practice and attendance.

An ASIC accredited institution should provide:

  • Honest guidance about the best institutions to meet your study needs.
  • Realistic advice and information on their qualifications, English language requirements, and the chances of obtaining a place at a top university.
  • Useful counselling on the topic of preparing visa forms and applications.
  • A professional and efficient response to applications.
  • Staff with knowledge and experience of the visa process to guide students through it.
  • Pre-departure help with flights, accommodation, and cultural differences to help students understand potential challenges they may encounter during their studies.
  • A meet and greet service by the institution.
  • Reassurance for students that their welfare, social needs and educational needs will be fulfilled.

When you select an institution with an ASIC accreditation, you can feel confident that they have reached high standards and achieved our stringent requirements, so are well equipped to provide you with a good learning experience. We can also advise you on how to choose the right course for your individual needs as well as advice on university study.

As a student, you can receive free access to the ASIC student referral network. Your application will be forwarded to the relevant institutions and ASIC staff will track it. We will also inform you about the nearest QISAN accredited agent who can help you with matters such as applications, accommodation, funding, applying for visas and briefings prior to departure.