ASIC Benefits & Support

An ASIC Accreditation will boost the profile of your institution and confirm that it meets high standards of education, welfare and good practice. The accreditation will reassure students and agents that your college or university is a good choice, and that you will provide them with professional teaching, valuable qualifications and a positive learning experience.

The ASIC accreditation is not simply a one-time process and we are not only about policing education institutions. We are dedicated to developing productive, long lasting working relationships with institutions and working with them continuously to ensure ongoing, consistent quality over the long term.

This ongoing work will involve training programmes in subjects such as ethical student recruitment, recruiting and monitoring agents, developing suitable admissions systems and improving and updating ethics policies and codes of practice. As part of the process, we can provide the following benefits to your institution:

  • Sample policy and procedures documents as you require them.
  • Help with setting up effective internal auditing and evaluation systems.
  • Help with developing suitable quality control documentation.
  • Advice on how to improve and optimise the standards of management at your institution.
  • Help to achieve international recognition for awards.
  • Help with joining relevant international networks.
  • Access to more than two hundred accredited agents in over eighty countries around the world.
  • Being included in ASIC’s marketing activities, which include exhibition attendance, online and printed newsletters, and publicity in several overseas publications.
  • Online information on all aspects of student recruitment, which is updated regularly.
  • Advice on agent contracts and access to sample agreements.
  • Access to a sample code of ethics.
  • Access to a useful telephone helpline.
  • ASIC Surgeries¬†– the opportunity to visit our office for advice and¬†guidance.
  • Assistance with your internationalisation plans.
  • Achieving accreditation may enhance your prospects for the world university rankings.
  • Visits by ASIC, during which we will provide advice, guidance and consultancy services.

Continual Support for Accredited Institutions

Accreditation with ASIC is not a one time process and we are not simply a policing organisation. Instead, ASIC is committed to supporting the on-going development and quality enhancement of all our institutions. We understand that quality assurance is a continuous activity, and we are here to help our school, college and university partners in their constant pursuit of excellence.

Ongoing development with our accredited institutions will incorporate such topics as training and monitoring the work of agents, high-quality and ethical recruitment methods, development of admission systems and assistance in the development of codes of practice and ethics policies.