Welcome to ASIC

ASIC is an independent body specialising in the accreditation of schools, colleges, universities, training organisations and online and distance education providers worldwide. Our mission is to examine the institution as a whole along with the content and delivery of the courses and ensure that the required standards are being met. Once an institution has been accredited, we are also able to work with them to develop and improve their international strategies.

ASICWe work with a wide variety of different institutions including universities, colleges, schools, training organisations and distance education providers, both in the UK and overseas. More and more students every year are choosing to study internationally. Studying abroad can be a great opportunity to learn about different cultures, choose from a wide range of subjects, and have unique experiences.

Accreditation by ASIC will boost the profile of your institution and confirm that it meets high standards of education, welfare and good practice. Our international accreditation will reassure students, parents and agents that your institution is a good choice, and that you will provide them with professional teaching, valuable qualifications and a positive learning experience.

ASIC accreditation is not simply a one-off award and we are not only about policing education institutions. We are dedicated to developing productive, long lasting working relationships with institutions and working with them continuously to ensure ongoing, consistent quality over the long term.

Our goals are:

  • To protect students and stakeholders from unethical institutions who make false or misleading claims about their curriculum, their teaching methods, and other matters either verbally, in writing or via electronic means.
  • To defend the reputations of genuine institutions, their staff and representatives, allowing them to show that they can offer high quality education, and ensuring that their good names are not tarnished by the actions of a minority of disreputable establishments.
  • To ensure that staff act professionally at all times, that institutions promote and market themselves in a truthful and ethical way, and that they continue to take responsibility for the welfare and education of their international students.

When carrying out an inspection, we are extremely thorough and take many different factors into account, including the health and safety of the premises, the resources available to staff and management, the delivery of the course material itself, the welfare of the students, the qualifications and awards offered by the institution and the marketing and student recruitment procedures. Each of these areas are graded and considered when we are deciding whether or not to award accreditation.

ASIC have accredited and are currently accrediting institutions in: Australia, Botswana, Cambodia, Denmark, France, Iran, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Singapore, Switzerland, USA and Vietnam.

Amongst others, ASIC is recognised by UKVI in the UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group in the USA, and are members of the British Quality Foundation. For more information about ASICs Affiliations & Credentials, please click here.